We can help you release your music independently

UseYourEars is a one stop shop that helps you release your music independently & offers a variety of services through our music associates to either your band, a solo artist, a label or management & production company… We work with music projects that we are passionate about. We assist you in outsourcing suitable music specialists in any music field that meets your requirements & we help you to achieve your goals.

You are now in the driver’s seat!

If you have a bunch of good songs & want to record them but don’t know where to start or who to hire to produce them & if we think you have talent & love your music we can introduce you to a number of suitable up & coming to established producers, who will help you achieve your musical goals within your budget.
UK Distribution & Sales
We can get your music distributed in multiple retail chains & independent stores i.e HMV, Virgin, Fopp, Amazon etc… including online download chart eligible stores i.e iTunes, 7Digital, MSN, Yahoo, Napster, HMV Digital, etc via Universal, Britain’s leading distributor. We can also advise you on alternative digital distribution should you wish to release downloads only.

PR, TV & Radio Promotion: National, regional, students & online
We outsource the most appropriate promo/PR team who aims at getting your music under the right people’s nose.


Print: we service your music nationally & regionally to single, album & live reviewers including weeklies, monthlies, broadsheets, student press, listings both in print & online to preview and review gigs, invite key journalists down. We target both staff writers, freelancers & editors for features, news stories, interviews, etc.. Online Pr: we will service to music websites, forums & ezines for single, album, live previews & reviews, interview features, band information, etc..

RADIO: national, regional, student, online, digital.

Weekly PR & promotion will be produced

Online strategy marketing

We service your music to online music downloads stores, liaise with label managers for privilege exposure on their website & promotional campaigns proposals. We also offer Search Engine Optimization advice & consultancy.

UK Manufacturing & Duplication

We work closely with manufacturing & printing companies, who have preferential rates for our clients.

Collecting Societies

We assist & guide you through the process of registering correctly your barcodes & ISRC codes with collecting societies such as MCPS, PRS, PPL, VPL, etc.


We seek potential & suitable music partners overseas i.e licensing, distribution, PR, Promotion, etc opportunities & advise you with potential deal proposals.

We can also help you with:


We team up with talented graphic designers who can design your album sleeve, booklet, logo & your website.


We work with a wide range of up & coming to established photographers


We offer video services, work with up & coming to established music directors that meet your requirements & budget.


Targeting appropriate booking agencies & inviting them down to your gigs, showcases
We have a database of session musicians, sound engineers, producers, etc…


We can submit your music to song pluggers, music supervisors & publishers.