We have experienced former senior industry executives available for consultation.

  • We can provide everything from on-line consultation regarding contracts with record companies, agencies, managers and publishers, to full UK sales and distribution for album, single or DVD release.
  • One on one appointments can be made available or seminars established.
  • We can also provide best costs for manufacturing, artwork, studios, equipment, merchandise etc...
  • We recommend best lawyers, managers, labels, PRs, promotion people regionally and nationally.
  • Basically everything you would want or need to know about the music business both domestically and internationally!

    For further details or to book a consultation contact us.

We can help you get your music, logo or pictures onto a mobile phone.

Your fans will be able to have images or music sent directly to their mobile phone and you can get paid when they do.


We can help you make the best of the Internet to market your music talent or business.

  • We can build you a website
  • We can manage your Search Engine marketing (PPC)
  • We can provide consultation on improving your website for natural Search Engine placements.
  • We provide you with webspace or advise you of the best hosting deals with high bandwidth for audio.
  • We can advertise you on

    and more....

Have your music heard by music industry specialists who will provide you with a report detailing what they thought of your music and a critique.

You may also choose to add your song to our public playlist for additional exposure.


We can help you with conventional marketing such as getting editorial or adverts placed in the press.

  • We can arrange for bespoke flyer distribution - be it inside outlets or "door to door" or "hand to hand"
  • we can arrange for (A3/A4) posters to be displayed inside appropriate outlets (ie not illegal fly-posting)
  • We can compile and send information for editorial publishing.
  • We can list your event in popular event listings to make sure you get the maximum exposure.
  • We can create PowerPoint presentations to make sure you get your message across in meetings.

    and more....


We can provide you with a thorough marketing campaign in all areas of press and radio as well as other music related media.

A creative & dedicated music pr expert team will focus on your project.

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We also offer many music services

  • Press pack design to send to Venues, Radio & TV, Management, Record Companies, Publishing Companies etc that will be informative.
  • Song Plugging to various industry individuals should we feel the quality of the work is to a required standard and meets the requested criteria.
  • We can help you get more Local, National and International Gigs.
  • We help you aquire and sell T-shirts and other music related merchandise.
  • We have a list of Music Managers that are looking for acts like yours.
  • We have a huge database of music related individuals. These range from Musicians, Producers, Managers, Agents, Singers, Venues, Songwriters, Composers, Photographers, Journalists etc