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ENABLE MUSIC (Project Management)
Enable music is run by Mike Andrews x EMI Marketing Director. Mike has worked with The Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Diana Ross, Talking Heads, Jesus Jones, Blur, Arrested Development, Sinead O'Connor, Billy Idol, Cliff Richards to name a few. Enable Music provides a complete "virtual label" service including design, production, manufacturing, sales, distribution, PR, promotion and legal services to artists of every genre and at every level.

PNC MUSIC (Recording Studios)
Private and Confidential Music is based in the idyllic surroundings of Kingston-Upon-Thames. Their studio (Fairlight Mews Studio) is based around a Protools HD3 Accel rig and Logic Pro 7, and incorporates a large 30m2 live room with high ceilings and wooden floors along with a lovely Yamaha G2 Grand Piano (an acoustic piano that also transmits and receives midi).

The studio is well suited towards Small Acoustic Ensembles, Vocal Sessions (including Small Choirs), Over-Dubs, and Mixing.

Their normal rate for studio hire is £70 + VAT per hour, but as a special rate to ‘Use Your Ears’ members we are offering it for £50 + VAT per hour with the restriction that it must be a booking of a minimum 5 hours. Please book via ‘Use Your Ears’ to get these prices and an engineer is included in the cost.

Producer available upon request (fee negotiable).