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Here you can find links and information on the Scientific Studies of Music and the Effects of Music.

Music is as important to us as the air we breathe. You probably know already that sound is created simply by the movement of air. Have you ever wondered if music has an effect on society? Do you know who invented the western scale used in 80% of music around the world? What about the Music of the Spheres theory? Did you know that music can have an effect on plants or that sand if vibrated on a flat surface with certain frequencies/pitches will form the same shapes and patterns every time? What about certain music helping to increase your focus and learning capabilities? Sound can also be used for therapy as well as breaking down matter such as glass, kidney stones etc. Music can capture and record time, listen to music through the decades and you will hear a noticeable difference. What you are hearing is the consciousness of the human race at the time being recorded with sound!! Music can also capture and transmit emotions/moods as well as images.

Music has also been controlled throughout history. Take for example the church in the middle ages banning the diminished scale and the interval known as the triton - C to f# - (which is literally slicing the octave in half and happens to be part of the diminished scale). The church in the days when sacred music was the only kind it tolerated considered it not compatible with holiness and tried to make illegal all the sounds that it regarded as the devils scales as they were thought to invoke sexual & joyful feelings. It still today has scripts locked away in the Vatican of music it considers evil and music it considers powerful and uplifting. Incidentally the triton interval and diminished scale was very popular amongst composers in the 19th century and is very popular in heavy metal music today.

The esoteric school of Pythagoras taught that certain scales, tempo and rhythm could trigger different states of mind. People would visit Pythagoras for healing and he would prescribe certain scales and rhythms much as a doctor prescribes medicine today.

In ancient China the emperor had the music police which made sure that musicians were perfectly in tune and did not stray away from scales they were allowed to play. It was believed that this would keep the people and society from entering into chaos.

Music has a very important role to play in society but unfortunately gets much abused in the commercial world. The Music Industry at times has been its own worst enemy by placing restrictions on who will and will not be allowed to have their music heard simply because they are considered too old or not good looking enough or any other number of reasons, none of which have anything to do with how good the music is itself. We at UseYourEars do not agree with this way of thinking and believe that music should be judged on how it sounds and makes you feel. Fortunately we are not the only people involved in the music industry that think this way. There is more to music than meets the ears so treat it with respect, especially if you are in the industry.

For all you musicians out there keep the faith in your music and in yourselves, remember that success is not judged by getting noticed by industry people who care little about music. Sharing your Love through music and staying true to yourself is much more rewarding for your soul and for your listeners!


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